Ashes of Britannia

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Writer's Block, 2001

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From the Ashes Of Britannia arose a legend.

Boadicea, Celtic queen and Druid priestess, fought the massive Roman army that invaded her country. Two thousand years later this woman warrior continues to reign as a symbol of freedom in Great Britain.

Ashes Of Britannia-A story of fiery passion in love and war.

Critical Praise

"ASHES OF BRITANNIA is a fabulous historical fiction tale that centers on the clash between the Druids and the ever-growing Roman Empire. The story line is filled with incredible depth that vividly brings to life Britannia and Rome through the eyes of two real people, Boadicea and Suetonius, whose war turns the island into a red sea. In her third Warrior Queen novel (see ACROSS THE THAMES and THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN), Haley Elizabeth Garwood writes an entertaining tale that turns history into fun reading." ~ Harriet Klausner

"Garwood helps to rewrite history from a woman's perspective with her skill for bringing great women to life." ~ Romantic Times Magazine

"In her third novel Ashes Of Britannia, Garwood interprets the clash of cultures between the ever-expanding Roman Empire and the Druids of Britian. She takes readers into the sacred groves of the priestess warrior, Boadicea, and the street of Rome with military commander, Suetonius. These two strong, independent leaders respect each other, but their conflicting goals will cover the soil of ancient Britain with blood and ashes." ~ Gerald Swick, author and historian

"Haley Elizabeth Garwood writes recreates some of the best of ancient times in an almost lyrical fashion." ~ Affaire de Coeur Magazine

"... The Boudica from legend, from the few surviving facts and from works like Ashes of Britannia, by Haley Elizabeth Garwood, is portrayed as a red-headed, fiery-tempered, charismatic avenging angel." - Randy Zamore, Coronado, CA


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