These Links are dedicated to all Warrior Queens,

both ancient and modern

Women as warriors

The Caithream Training Hall - resources for women warriors

Lothene Experimental Archeology Group's Women Warrior page - a history of female soldiers, sailors, pilots, revolutionaries, pirates, prize-fighters, duellists , martial artists etc from 3500BC to the 20th Century

The Minerva Center - studying women in war and women in the military

Military Women Veterans - chronicles the history of women in US military service

Octavia, her domain - women in Anglo-Saxon and Viking life and lore

On the Trail of the Women Warriors - book and essays by Lyn Webster Wilde

Roberta Brown - sword master and choreographer

Swashbuckling women of Movies, TV and Theater, etc. - dedicated to the swashbuckling women of the modern day - a resource for women fighters in the SCA

Literary Resources

Gloriana's Bookstore - based on themes from the medieval and renaissance periods - authors and books in historical fiction

Kentucky Romance Writers

Music City Romance Writers

Romance Writers of America - advances the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy

Small Publishers Association of North America - dedicated to advancing the interests and expertise of independent publishers and authors through educational opportunities and discounted services

Swords and Supplies

Mediaeval Sword Resource site

Morrow's Blade and Blacksmithing Shop - custom made weaponry in New Jersey

Jake Powning - swordsmith working in the Celtic and Norse traditions

Vince Evans - crafting historical swords of other cultures and periods

Women's resources

National Women's History Museum

The National Organization for Women (NOW)

The National Women's History Project - celebrates the diverse and historic accomplishments of women

About Face - aims to combat negative and distorted images of women

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