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Haley Elizabeth Garwood wrote her first historical novel at the age of eleven that she sold to a classmate for two pencils and a notebook. She was bitten by the writing bug at the tender age of three when she wrote her first story, in chicken scratches, about an Easter chicken. Her mother kindly translated it and saved it.

Since that time, Haley has always written stories a few about her experiences as an airline stewardess, as a mother, and as a teacher of special education students.  After her retirement as a high school principal in West Virginia, she began to write full time. However, she missed education and is currently torturing students in English classes at Bowling Green Technical College in Kentucky.

At present she has four completed novels in her Warrior Queen Series and is working on the fifth one about Rani of Jhansi from India. She is almost finished with her novel (that's out of the Warrior Queen Series) called For the Love of King Tut about the women who try to keep him from being assassinated.  Haley has just completed a modern "clash of cultures" novel called Goodbye India about an American journalist who falls in love with a drop dead gorgeous Indian man. Problems arise. Can she overcome his family to have the man of her dreams? Can she overcome her family to have the man of her dreams? Nope, she can't. Or maybe she can. There are a few hilarious adventures that keep her in trouble. 
Notes from Haley ~

I stood in the back of the classroom and listened to a great presentation by the history teacher, Mrs. Ervin, about life in the middle ages. As a high school principal, I had the privilege of watching the students learn every day.  Unfortunately, it was what they weren't learning that worried me.

All the great heroes were men. Why didn't the text books talk about women warriors? There were thousands of warriors from every country and almost every generation who were women. Women had been left out.

I pondered this problem for months until a friend suggested I write a novel about one of the women I admired - Matilda, the last person to lead a land invasion of England to get back her throne.

The Warrior Queen Series was born and like any birth, came kicking and screaming into the world. My motto became "Write Women Back into History," but I wanted it to be fun. These women became real to me, and I wanted the reader to feel they'd been transported back in time.

It takes a year to research and write one of these novels. It's difficult to find information about women warriors in the traditional way because they were systematically left out of the history texts, so I turned to anthropology and archeology for help.

I've loved every minute of the journey to our past.

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